Color Besides White Which Makes a Small Room Look Bigger

In the world of interior design, white is often used to make a small room look bigger. But apparently, not only white, some of these colors also have the same effect as white. Anything?

1. Blue

New York-based interior designer John Barman once designed a small family room with a blend of blue gradations. He applied these colors throughout the room ranging from wall paint, curtains, cabinets, carpets, even sofas that match the wall colors.

"By applying a series of colors, all the colors are mixed together so that you do not feel the size of the room," he said as dilansip from House Beautiful.

2. Dark Gray

Another interior designer, Jamie Drake, believes that a small room will feel large with dark coloring like dark gray. The color will feel effective also highlighted by the lights and combined with white furniture. This dark gray color also works well with pale blue, lavender or mint green.

3. Taupe

The color of taupe or grayish brown creates a warm and soothing feeling, especially when used on walls and ceilings. The color is one of the basic colors that makes the room look bigger even though it is filled with furniture placement.

4. Yellow

Rarely do people paint their walls yellow because they seem 'dazzled' and unattractive. But it's a good idea to try decorating your room with a pale cat color with a touch of green. If the color is exposed to light, the room seems to look enlarged and bright. If your walls are painted a pale yellow color, there's no harm in completing home decor with furniture in dark, dark brown, red, or lemon green.

5. Green Pastels

Green pastel is said to be a color that is soothing and feels homey. The color makes the atmosphere at home more lively and encourages its inhabitants. Combine pastel green wall paint with furniture shades of brown, beige, terracotta and light orange.

6. Aubergine

Aubergine or dark purple brown that looks like the color of eggplant gives the impression of luxury and elegance in a tiny room. Usually the color is applied to the family room where there are large windows that provide maximum light. This color matches paired with a touch of gray and metallic colors
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