Livingroom Decoration Tips with a Minimum Budget

If redecorating a house is identical with a lot of budget that will be spent, it is different in this one way. Without the need for a lot of budget and easy to practice! You only need to install or put the following 5 new home decorations. Let's see more.

Canvas Wall Decoration

The first home decoration is often a favorite. Space saving and easy to install are the advantages of wall decoration canvas. You can put it in various spaces, ranging from the living room, family room, bedroom to dining room. Choose the motif and size as you wish. Undoubtedly, the room also looks more alive!

Photo Frame

Every time someone visits a house, it's no wonder that we often see photos on display. For that, this can be your inspiration. Look for photo frames with neutral colors like white, gray or champagne, then paste your best photos. The warm impression is certainly felt when in the room.


Well, this essential home decoration is certainly not to be missed! Wall clock can bring a new nuance to the house. You can choose the design and color of the wall clock according to the style of the room for example timeless round shape.

Artificial Plant

Want shades of cooler homes? You can add artificial plant games that are practical, easy to care for and more economical. At present, various artificial plants have been equipped with plastic and glass pots.


If you want to give color to the room, the carpet can be the right decoration choice. Various colors and beautiful motifs on the carpet you can adjust to the design style of the room. In addition, the carpet can also make the room look more spacious. Adjust the width of the carpet with the furniture that you will place so the results look optimal.
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